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Aleema Omotoni is a British-Nigerian author. She writes novels that centre Black teens coming of age, falling in love, and navigating all kinds of contemporary and fantasy worlds. She loves musical theatre, astrophysics and rainy Autumn days.

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YA Contemporary 

Mean Girls meets Dear White People in this big-hearted, sharp-witted UK boarding school story about family, friendship, and belonging—with a propulsive mystery at its heart—a loose reimagining of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream by debut author Aleema Omotoni.

Within the walls of Wodebury Hall, an elite boarding school in the English countryside, reputation is everything. But aspiring photographer Iyanu is more comfortable observing things safely from behind her camera.

For Iyanu’s estranged cousin, Kitan, life seems perfect. She has money, beauty, and friends like queen bee Heather. But as a Nigerian girl in a school as white and insular as Wodebury, Kitan struggles with the personal sacrifices needed to keep her place—and the protection she gets—within the exclusive popular crowd.

Then photos from Iyanu’s camera are stolen and splashed across the school the week before the Valentine's Day Ball—each with a juicy secret written on it. With everyone’s dirty laundry suddenly out in the open, the school explodes in chaos, and the whispers accusing Iyanu of being the one behind it all start to feel like déjà vu.

Each girl is desperate to unravel the mystery of who stole the photos and why. But exposing the truth will change them all forever.

Publishing in 2023:

US: HarperCollins/Balzer + Bray, 5th of September

UK: Scholastic UK, 17th of August

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US Edition: 5th of September


Cover Art: Otesanya

Cover Design: Corina Lupp

UK Edition: 17th of August


Cover Art: Otesanya

Cover Design: Jamie Gregory



For rights, business and media inquiries:

Literary Agent: Claire Friedman

UK Literary Agent: Chloe Seager

(for UK book rights inquiries)

Film and TV Agent: Debbie Deuble Hill (APA)

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